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What we do

Empowering men, supporting families, and nurturing children and youth for their optimal development.

Our goal is to establish a social framework aimed at preserving and safeguarding the rights of men, with the aim of fostering a harmonious and stress-free society.

Our Activities

Our Activities / 01

Suicide Hotline Support

Providing immediate assistance and guidance through dedicated helplines to prevent suicide and offer emotional support to individuals in crisis.

Our Activities​ / 02

Samanta Counseling Sessions

Professional counseling sessions conducted by trained counselors and guides in Ahmedabad, aimed at addressing mental health issues and providing guidance to those in need.

Our Activities​ / 03

Distress Support Network

Organizing regular meetings to establish a strong support system for individuals and families facing distress, fostering a sense of community and understanding.

Our Activities​ / 04

Awareness Campaigns

Engaging in campaigns and events to raise awareness about suicide prevention, promote gender equality, and emphasize the importance of family values in society.

Our Activities​ / 05

Stress Management Training

Offering comprehensive training programs to equip individuals with effective techniques and strategies to manage and reduce stress in their daily lives.

Our Activities​ / 06

Rehabilitation Assistance

Providing support and assistance to affected individuals and families in their journey towards recovery and rehabilitation, ensuring they receive the necessary resources and guidance.

Our Activities / 07

Men's Right Activist
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